Internet radio plays fast

Anyone remember the old cassette tape based answering machines where you would fast forward through a message and hear the audio sped up so that callers sounded like they were doing a demo tape for Alvin and the Chipmunks? Well, I’ve been able to reproduce that experience using Roon’s internet radio.

I just setup a ROCK core for a friend and he requested that I add in the URL for a local station that he encountered during some travels. Added the URL as I always do and the audio that came out of his DAC was sped up significantly.

I’ve been trying some different options at home and when I looked at the stream information in iTunes it showed the sample rate at 11.025KHz, but Roon is showing 24bit / 48KHz. Based on the audio I’m hearing I’d say it’s quite possible that this is playing at 4X+ speed.

I tried the various stream URLs listed in the .pls file and they all produced similar results, but with differing sample rates.

Is this just an issue of Roon not supporting any of the station’s stream formats or is this a glitch in what Roon is expecting vs what it’s getting?

The URL for the station is:

I’ve tried this on a few different cores to try and see if it was related to OS or codec. The results were the same on all (Ubuntu 16.04 using repo ffmpeg, Nucleus+, MacOS 10.13.5). Roon has been the latest build on all machines. Endpoint is a dCS Rossini although I’ve tried on a couple of other devices and gotten the same.

Same here, with SonicTransporter > dCS Rosini DAC and also with a microRendu and ultraRendu.

For me, Windows 10, Roon wouldn’t add any of the streams. Either outright said nope, or was stuck spinning endlessly on add station.

I then switched to my ROCK based system and I could add the station and it was sped up. It is curious that the Windows based server wouldn’t/didn’t even add the station.

Hey @AMP,

Thanks for sharing what you’re seeing with us. I’ve sent a report over to the tech team about this and once I get their feedback I’ll be sure to update you here.


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Hey @AMP,

I just wanted to let you know that we have submitted a ticket to the development team to track this behavior you’ve reported to us. While I cannot make any commitments as to when this behavior you’ve observed will be addressed, I can however assure you that we will update you if any changes are made in a future release.

Thank you again for sharing this report with us, the feedback is always appreciated!


Thanks @dylan,

What’s really odd is that I got an email from my friend and he mentioned that it was playing fine now. Just checked my setup (essentially the same) and it’s still fast.

Strange doesn’t even begin to describe it…