Internet Radio sound glitches

I’m trying to play the Dutch Radio 4, but the sound is glitching horribly. Direct in my browser it is fine, both the official stream and the TuneIn station, but in Roon it’s like it is digitally clipping constantly.
Normal music (Tidal and own collection) is fine. FIP radio also working with no problems.

RoonServer running on MacMini. Glitches on optical output of the Mini and my MacbookPro internal speakers.
No DSP features enabled. MacMini running DSP volume (10), Macbook at volume 100, volume controlled by system output.


Playing fine here:

It’s a 48kHz stream though – your Mac won’t like it when playing through system output. Switch to Built-In Output, put it in Exclusive Mode and you’ll be fine:

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That worked, thanks!

It really shouldn’t do this, clipping instead of resampling, and even continue glitching after I stop the stream playing.