Internet Radio station closing iPad [Ticket In]

I use Roon headless on a mac mini (2011) into a Mytek Brooklyn+ dac . It’s stable - The internet radio issue I reported about the iPad app closing seems to be just one station (Audiophile Classical). The app shuts down ( on iPad and macbook pro ) and will continue to do so until I cycle the dac on/off. Doesn’t happen on other stations and it didn’t happen on build 1.5 - strange ?? Audiophile Jazz and Audiophile Lounge stations work fine as do many others.

Hi Will,

I thought this deserved some investigation outside the feedback thread so opened it into Support.

Hello @Will_Hoddinott,

We are investigating an issue related to some radio stations causing Roon to crash. Can you please provide the link for that Radio Station so that I can add it to the investigation?


It appears to be on not just the classical but all of thier stations

I listened to Classical and Jazz when the crashes occured. It was stable in version 1.5

Thanks for investigating this.

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Roon crashes on ipad when using internet radio on Sonos one speakers. Using newest version of Roon iOS app 1.6 and newest version of iOS 12.1.3. After start play with internet radio and go to another ipad app cant get Roon app to start again. Have two go to another device and select tidal or your library and play to sonos one before can get the iPad Roon app to work again.

Hi @Erich_Komdat, @Will_Hoddinott,

Thanks for the reports here.

We can confirm that there is a bug here related to certain internet radio content, specifically remotes crashing playing content with a bracket in the name.

We’ll get this fixed in our next release. Sorry for the trouble here!