Internet Radio stops playing with Windows Core[TICKET IN]

Hi @mike,

I’m now on Roon 1.3 (build 262), but still have the issue with internet radio.
When you say ‘in our next release’ is that the next build or the next major release 1.4 ?

By the way, I’m running Roon Server on Windows 10 64bit.


Hey @StefanK – the issue we identified was fixed a while back, and only affected Roon Cores running on Linux, so this is probably something new.

I’ve split your post out to a new thread – can you give us a full rundown of your system, exactly what’s happening, and what station is affected?


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Hi @mike,

Here are the details.

Internet radio stream:,mp3,wma,wmpro,wmvoice,wmvideo,ogg&partnerId=16

Server is Windows 10 64bit running Roon Core 1.3 64bit (build 262).
Endpoint Windows 10 64bit laptop (different machine than the server) with standard System Out.

Radio runs for about 1 hour, then for 1-2 minutes the reception starts to be choppy (I suppose the buffer is depleated at this time). Then I simply get error like mentioned before and the receptions stops and does not resume.

Hi @mike,

Have you been able to reproduce the issue?


Hi, @StefanK, sorry for the late reply, a small question here do you use foobar2000 or other music players to listen to radio? if so can you confirm that you’re having the same issue there? Thanks!


Hi @Ivan,

I use LMS 9.7 and I don’t have this issue there. When the buffer runs out, there is a short cut of audio and then LMS simply resumes the radio stream.
Roon however simply stops and I have to start the radio stream manually again.

Thanks for the information, @StefanK, think we are close to the idea of what’s happenning, thanks for your patience again!


Maybe I’m the wrong place! But it’s Radio and it’s not playing, at all!
It’s the Roon Radio that shall start playing, after a Album/Playlist is finish.
Of course if it’s in the position what it shall!
Yesterday, did that happen twice! And yes it was ON.
I have moved my computer to another room, so it’s only the Core or Roon Service installed! When I use a Allo USBridge as Roon Bridge and a iPad/iPhone as remote control. I have recently done this so, it was the first time the Radio should start to Playing, it have done it before I changed!

I shall test if the Radio starts today!
It’s happens when I play MQA music, it’s coming up a text TIDAL or if it stood Roon, Have No Similar Music To Play? It works when I played Flac Lossless music from TIDAL?
So the Roon Radio doesn’t start if you’re Playing MQA Music!
It’s going after the Format on the music not after similar music!
What shouldn’t make now difference! By my opinion!


Hi, @StefanK, just a little update here. Sorry for the problem, you’re expierencing, I think we will fix this in the next release, because it appear to be a some kind of a bug. Thanks for your reports it helps us to improve our app’s perfomance!

P.s. @Anders_Strengberg, unfortunately you’re in the wrong thread, because Stefan has problems with Internet Radio. Nevertheless, thanks for your report.


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P.s @Ivan No I’m not in the wrong thread, because it’s helping in BAD SOUNDING internet radio, mp3, ogg…Or other noise environment!
Thanks you to!

Hi @Ivan,
Thanks for the update. Do you have an estimate when this next release could be out?

As a general rule, we don’t make predictions on when the next release will be fully tested and ready to go. All we can say for now is that it will go live as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience @StefanK!

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Hi @mike ,
I see a new build is out (269), but unfortunately it does not contain the fix for the radio.
I thought you said the fix would be in the next release, wasn’t this the one?
Could you please be more specific in which release/build this fix will be included?


Hey @StefanK – this ticket is still open in our system. That doesn’t mean we’re stuck, or ignoring this, or anything like that – it just means we didn’t get a fix done in time for it to be fully tested and verified before this week’s release went live.

For now, I’ve bumped the priority of the ticket. All I can say for sure right now is that we’ll do whatever we can to get this work done soon.

We’ll be in touch as soon as there’s news @StefanK. Thanks for your patience!

Hi @mike,
Great, thanks for the quick reply.