Internet radio URLs distort during playback

When trying the following internet radio URL the sound is distorted or mixed with pulsing noise.

But now is OK

No, it is not yet ok. When I play either of the icecast stations I get a jackhammer noise from one of the stereo channels.

Hi @Flere ----- Thank you for the post and sharing your observations with us. The insight is always valued.

In regard to the distortion you are experiencing with the provided internet radio URLs. I tested the first URL in Roon and had no issues during playback. I let the station run for 30 minutes and noticed nothing out of the ordinary (ROCK on a NUC and a MacBook Air remote with a PS Audio PerfectWave mounted directly to it via USB).

However, the second URL was producing some weird playback issues in the application (it sounded as if it was almost playing back at the wrong speed). So upon noticing this, myself and another team member tried the same url in VLC. While playing the station in VLC we made the same observations and the only way to get the stream to play correctly (in VLC) was to stop playback and start it again. This would indicate that there is some kind of issue with the stream on VRT’s end.

In light of the above, I did a quick search the VRT website and came across the URL and noticed that there was another option there (i.e the M3u8). The m3u8 played down without issue in Roon.


Hi Eric,
Makes no difference. Also the m3u8 stream creates the jackhammer sound in Roon on my Mac.

The problem is that on my Mac I can play very nicely via Safari the Klara station which is this URL
and if I create a radio station in Roon based on this same URL, then Roon creates the entry, but when I play it I get the jackhammer.

Same for this URL:


  • Flere

Thanks for the update @Flere, our techs are going to look further into this to see if can be reproduced in our QA lab.

Your patience is appreciated!

Thanks Eric.
Is there anything you expect from me at this moment?
Please let me know when I need to perform some specific test.

Thank you for touching base with me @Flere! I think what we have what we need for now but if the tech team requires additional feedback I will be sure to follow up accordingly.

Many thanks!