Internet Radio Works but No Playlist Available

Why are all the songs in my playlist showing Unavailable?

See photo of my Tablet.


which service?

Have you tried rebooting the core?

Hi @jeff_kalina,

Where are these tracks in the playlist coming from (Qobuz/TIDAL)?

Is it only this album and playlist? Or is this occurring with other albums and playlists as well?

Yes it is all the same for all my playlist.

Thanks, @jeff_kalina.

Are you able to play this same content if you navigate to it outside of the playlist?

Unsure how that is done. These are all streamed thru Tidal hi-rez.

Hi @jeff_kalina,

Using the screenshot above as an example, if you do a search for Aaron Neville - Warm Your Heart are you able to play this from that album rather than the playlist?

when i enter aaron neville-warm your heart there are four results. None are that album.
all show as unavailable for each track.

Thanks for giving that a try, @jeff_kalina.

Since experiencing this behavior have you tried rebooting your Core machine? Are you able to play any TIDAL content at all (outside of the playlists that are showing unavailable?

I have not tried rebooting. How is that accomplished?

Hi @jeff_kalina,

You can restart your Nucleus by using the power button or from the Nucleus Web Administration Interface.


Okay I tried the reset as suggested and the all tracks still show as “Unavailable”

I am now on Day 45 with no access to the Tidal Hi Rez subscription I am paying for
along with the 1 year Roon Service fee.

Is there any way to actually speak with a CS Person that can fix this?


Jeff Kalina
Phoenix, AZ

Hi @jeff_kalina,

I apologize for the difficulties you are having here, and I appreciate your feedback about our support process. We sometimes hear from people wondering about phone support, email support, or other more traditional methods, and we almost always win them over by resolving problems here every day. I can tell you that we stand behind our products and our support 100%.

Every support thread on this site is tracked by someone on our staff, and they frequently loop in senior staff or developers for feedback. Nearly everyone in our company spends time on this site.

May I ask that you confirm that you are able to play TIDAL content outside of Roon?

If you go to your TIDAL account (on the TIDAL website) and then go to subscription settings, can you verify that it is showing your account as active? What region is your TIDAL account for?

I checked and my Tidal account in no longer active. This is my preference now.
I opened a spotify account. Will that play through the Roon system?


As of Roon version 1.6 which was released on January 21st only Tidal and Qobuz are supported for streaming through Roon.


Can I get back to the 1.5 version I started with?

There have been several threads about reverting back to an earlier version and the Roon team’s answer has always been no. FYI …1.5 only supported Tidal, it did not support Spotify.



Thanks for the followup. I fell MaRooned now.


Hi @jeff_kalina,

As mentioned above Roon integrates with Qobuz and TIDAL only.

Downgrading is not supported. Even if you were using version 1.5, an active TIDAL subscription would still be required for use with Roon.