Internet Went Down / Roon not Working [Solved - VSwitch Settings]

Ok so after getting a trial with Qobuz Roon can no longer see my Apple TV or Zeppelin Wireless.

Reboot, reinstall etc. etc. but no no avail…

Any ideas?

I recommend rebooting your network router and then all the affected network devices.

Hello @goat999,

I would try rebooting both the network, endpoints and Core as Carl mentioned. If you are still having issues afterwards please post a screenshot of your Settings -> Audio tab.


So I did reboot everything - still the same issue.

I probably should mention that the server is running in a Synology NAS 718+ which I have restarted as well

Plugged in a Pi with a Hifiberry DAC and that Roon sees that so I’ll assume its just an Airplay issue (that I have anyway)

Hi @goat999,

This looks like a firewall/networking issue to me. Do you by any chance have open VSwitch turned on in your Synology like this thread (Lost my KEF LS 50 wireless connection [Solved - Synology had "Enable Open Vswitch" turned on])?


I havent changed any firewall/network settings for weeks.

I was using Link aggregation but switched that off - no difference.

If I swap server to my PC then AppTV/Zeppelin now available.

Swap back to Synology AppTV/Zeppelin not available.

So synology issue.

Completely uninstalled and reinstalled - same issue.

Hi @goat999,

Did you check the VSwitch settings as I suggested?

– Noris

forgive me, i didnt because I havent changed any settings for ages.

I have had a virtual machine running for ages. Stopped this and then stopped vswitch and all good again on the endpoint front

Thanks, but does this mean I cant run vm’s if I want to use Roon?

@goat999 -

Glad to hear that disabling vswitch resolved the issue!

I cannot comment on running vms on synology, that would be a question best asked in the Synology section of community ( and asking other users who have tried this.

I will mark your post as solved since you are now up and running again.


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