Interruptions during playback via Roon

MacBook 2014 OS Catalina C02NFAPYG3QC
Lumin mini U1 2019
Connect with ethernet/cable
Mark Levinson no585 (using this DAC)
Router DrayTec 2762ac

Sinds a 8 days there are always short interruptions during playback. It doesn’t matter if it is a hires or lowres. It happens randomly. sometimes a few times, but also many times per song.
Play directly from Qobus no problem.

I have setup all the stuff, but no effect.

A lot of people (myself included) experienced similar-sounding problems after the release of 1.7. Roon issued a patch version (v505) which fixed the issue for me. If you have not upgraded your roon core to v505, you should do so and then then log out of tidal/qobuz, reboot your core and log back in. if you see no improvement, then it’s likely to be a different problem.

but see also…

thank for answer en tips.

I have remove Roon form my computer completely, and install it again. Logout Qobuz etc.
Now i am listening for 20 minutes and so far so good.

fingers crossed.

Hi @Robert_Brand — Glad to hear that things are good so far. Please let us know if you see this issue return!

It is still there, not with every song, not happy.
Don’t know what to do.

Hello @Robert_Brand,

Does the same behavior occur on all of your endpoints, including “System Output”, or does this issue affect just the Mark Levinson DAC? Does local content (media stored on your hard drive) exhibit the same behavior or is this only for Qobuz? If you don’t have any local content to test, the 2L Test Bench provides a few samples.

I have isolate my router (Dreytek) from my Lumin. now there’s one cable from from the input point/internetprovider to my Lumin. Without any switch. use a new cable for the wifi router.
now it is it ok.

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Hi @Robert_Brand,

Glad to hear that the system is stable since removing the switch from the equation!

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