Interruptions with Roon streaming on WiFi connected devices (ref#J2AD3K)

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I am using Roon since a couple of months. I have HQ player as well. My house is a 3 story house and I have a sound system on each floor. My core is on the second floor, in a mac mini streamer dedicated to roon. It’s physically connected to my router and to my second floor system. My problem reside in my 2 other systems, interacting with roon via wifi. The music constantly stops and the next track starts, then stops again and so on. It’s frequent enough that I use spotify on my other systems to listen to music. My first floor streamer is a ifi stream and my basement streamer is a bluesound node.

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Mac mini m1, RAM 16g, hard drive 500g

Connected Audio Devices

Bluesound node via wifi, ifi stream via wifi. Mac mini connected directly to a denafrips pontus dac via usb has no problem.

Home Network Details

My modem is a technicolor model TC4400-AM, my router is a tplink deco both connected via ethernet. Then my router is connected via rthernet to my mac mini server. I have 2 range extenders : one on the first floor and the other in the basement. I tried to connect those via ethernet to my other stremers, but it didn’t change anything.

@Alexandre_Lefebvre, welcome to the Community. The symptoms you are experiencing tend to be the result of network issues, as you suspect. What model of Deco are you using, can you confirm how many Deco units you have, and what are the range extenders (are they Deco mesh units or actual range extenders)?

I haven’t configured one in almost two years, but can you create separate SSIDs for the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi networks? What may be happening is your audio devices are connecting via the lower-capacity 2.4 GHz network. While this has longer range, it is a very noisy band not a lof of capacity and is prone to interference, all of which you may be experiencing. I separate my 5 GHz WiFi bands to run my more bandwidth-intensive or latency-sensitive applications, both of which are needed by Roon.

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Hi @Alexandre_Lefebvre,

Checking in on this thread, were @Robert_F’s suggestions helpful at all?

Let me know, thanks!


It looks like it corrected the problem, indeed

I have been listening to music for the past week with the streamers linked to the Deco’s mesh units, running exclusively the 5g. No stopping nor jumping to the next track. So far so good.

Thank you for the follow up.


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