Interrupts playback of the streaming queue via the Mac Mini USB port when skipping to the next track


  1. During the playback of the queue of recordings (important as the queue consisted of recordings of various artists and albums, mainly from TIDAL), the player went to the next track and stopped playing, after a few seconds it went to the next one, etc. until the queue was empty without playback.
  2. As this has happened before, I knew restarting the roon / computer would solve the problem, but this time I wanted to do some additional tests without restarting Roon.
  3. I checked if the radio streaming was working. Negative result.
  4. I switched the sound output on Apple TV (different zone). Positive result, played sound.
  5. During playback on Apple TV, I switched the sound output back to my primary zone, ie Apple Mini M1 (newest Roon 1.8) - USB output - DAC MQA - amplifier and speakers. Negative result.
  6. I have switched to Apple TV (LAN). Result OK.
  7. I shut down Roon.
  8. I tested other applications with output to the same USB port. The sound worked fine.
  9. I restarted Roon. Everything started to work.

So it can be concluded that there were no problems with the Internet, LAN, USB port. Only the Roon reboot solved the case. I emphasize that the problem occurred during streaming playback when changing the track.

This situation has already happened several times over the course of a month.

The post is similar to some forum posts, but in no case has a solution other than a reboot been found.