Interview with Mike Jbara on MQA

This was an interesting read…

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Bob has long had close ties to the Auto sector.

Money makes the world go around
…the world go around
…the world go around”

It is not bad - but I could be wrong… :grin:

I’m afraid, that is a fact of life or none of us get paid lol :joy: Anything can go wrong but that’s never a reason to not attempt anything…

Jbara talks a lot obviously, but I was mostly annoyed with it. Very little related to the original MQA goal of enhancing quality of transfer from master. Cell phones? Car stereo? That is mostly lossy anyway so there would be no point. New car radios are DAB. 64 kilobit streams! Yay! The next we’ll see is MQA on MP3…

The article is what it is. Does one have to talk about everything in all articles?
I notice he covered many points worried about by MQA detractors like the fact that they accept people won’t pay more for extra quality. It’s not an exercise to re sell the library. Cell phones are Lossy now, they won’t be with MQA. I found the look to the future refreshing.

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Cellphones will still be lossy with MQA, because MQA is a lossy codec. Poor Millenials.

Lol, here we go, I knew this was coming. It isn’t musically lossless…

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Right, it sounds very good.

And that is true of many other lossy codecs – they are perceptually lossless. So, big freaking deal if MQA is, too.


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I gave MQA and MP3 some breathing room. It is very difficult to note differences to any other mediocre CD recordings. So that sound is ok to most Tidal subscribers. That is happy news.

Apple, Amazon, Google or Spotify have to jump on that new lossy MQA wagon. Otherwise,…ciao…

Ah the joy of the mute thread :zipper_mouth_face:

Well it’s summer. Devil’s thrill.

What matters are the providers who supply music in lossless form. The above supply the vast bulk of their content in lossy formats with watermarking that identifies the source of the files in some cases. MQA would be a step up for them but quality is not their primary concern.

That’s why MQA would be a perfect fit.

Of course it is. Clearly in terms of eloquence and the ability to engage their audiences the MQA team have got this won!

Exactly. You nailed it.

“We’re not going to stop pushing on this concept of accelerating innovation around experience.”
Anyone can guess what it means? They are not pushing for innovation, there is nothing innovative from the user experience point of view in different lossy packaging of 192/24 audio files. Someone mentioned extra quality: extra over the original 192/24 format?
By all means focus on cars, cellphones, whatever just stay away from hires lossless audio.