Interview with Mike Jbara on MQA

(Andre Wasniewski) #41

No the objective of MQA and MQA Ltd is not to let people listen and make up their own minds. The goal is to make the recording and streaming companies push MQA, and only MQA to you. So MQA Ltd can monopolize the chain of music production, through distribution, to playback and collect licenses at every step. As for dealing with a noisy minority they have the guys from Absolute Sound. If someone with the reputation of Robert Harley is willing to write an idiotic piece like the one below, it cannot be for free

(Henry) #42

I agree about the aims of MQA. But we are the only ones it will be forced on. Others in the industry adopt by choice. Locking down music and the hardware is the aim. MQA is the proposed tool. That isn’t a secret. In my case I think something needed to be done, and no one else has a better idea other than leave it alone. Standing still is death so that simply isn’t an option.