Interview with Roy Gandy Rega Research

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This is an insight into the man. I have been honoured to be invited to private gigs at his home. He is a lovely man to know. He did a fine job setting up my acoustic guitar also.

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I just spotted the interview. I thought this was interesting…

" Will we see a Rega streamer?
We have a streamer module that works. It’s a small six-layer module that was done in-house and took about six months. In doing it, we learnt about the systems and how imperfect they are.

The licensing is a complex commercial situation. We learnt about the streaming platforms that exist and their issues and problems. It’s too much to deal with for us. There are plenty of other people doing it to an adequate standard. In my opinion, a hi-fi streamer isn’t needed, because we have computers that do the job at least as well, if not better."

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Roy is an analog man and I think he is right. There are many streamers available, I would think they are better off sticking with their core business.


I think their recent decision to discontinue their DAC-R (and seemingly have no replacement model) would seem to support this view.

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Yes, they are very successful in the turntable world and it makes sense to focus on this…