Invalid network path for adding linux desktop to shared locations on Nucleus

I’m trying to add a directory on my linux desktop to the watched folders on my Roon Nucleus. Under Settings > Storage, I click on ‘Add folder’ and ‘Add network share’. I then enter the network share location, as well as the username and password. For the share location, I have tried (using the IP address of the linux box):


and I always get the message, ‘There was an unexpected error: Invalid network path’. What’s the right way to specify the path for a linux desktop?

Did you create a share first for the directory on your linux desktop?

No, because on my previous setup, with the Roon core and storage directories on the same linux desktop, that wasn’t necessary … but of course things are different with the Nucleus. I realize this isn’t a linux support site, but do you have any suggestions for how to share a directory on the linux desktop with the Nucleus? I’ve been trying to set up the linux box as an NFS server, so far unsuccessfully. Is that the right approach?

Roon supports only SMB/CIFS file shares. A software often used to create those on a Linux machine is Samba. I suggest you consult the documentation for your distribution also; Samba and an easy to use front-end might already be installed, you just have to know where to look for it.

Update: As of my understanding, Samba is no longer needed for setting up simple shares with recent kernels. Again, the documentation (and support forums) of your distribution should be able to tell you how to best setup a share.

Thanks very much for pointing me in the right direction. After an ungodly amount of fiddling, I succeeded in setting up a file share from my linux box to the Nucleus. For the sake of other poor linux souls who might stumble on this:

  1. Follow the steps here to set up the Samba server.
  2. Find your private IP address, like ‘192.168.1.X’. In the output of ‘ip a’, it was the ‘inet’ address listed under the entry for my ethernet interface.
  3. In the Roon app, under Settings > Storage > Add folder > Add network share, enter ‘\\192.168.1.X\yourusername’ for the network share location.
  4. Enter your username and password, and select ‘add network share’. On the screen that comes up (hopefully!), navigate to the directory you want to access.