Invalid Network Share

Hi I my trying to add a folder of music but it says Invalid Network Shara location when I type my IP address or path. I have just downloaded the Core to my Mac Book Pro 13" 2017 running MacOs High Sierra. My music is on a Vortexbox/Zen Player.

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Hi Klaus,
can you provide the string of your entered paths and ip addresses?

Roon can connect to smb-shares by entering the smb path like this:


<IP-Address> = IP of your Vortexbox
<Share-Name> = The shared folder name

IP -

Share Name - smb://zen._smb._tcp.local

Can you see the share from Finder?

Is there an icon for the directory on your desktop?

If yes, the click the browse button in the Storage screen. The folder you want will be on the left side in the pop-up.

Setting -> Storage->Add Folder->Browse

Select from there.


It seems to work now. It is adding now. Thanks

Adding stopped and I got this message: There was an unexpected error: UexpectedError?

It seems to be okay now. Thanks