Invalid recorded/release date combo

Shouldn’t the release date be after the recorded date?

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Hey @Bill_Janssen,

These dates are coming from our metadata provider, as seen here:

On the page linked to above there is a link to submit corrections. The best option is to submit your corrections there. Please note that this is not going to instantly reflect in your Roon library.


Thanks, @dylan. But my metadata is coming from you folks at Roon, so I think fixing it falls in your bailiwick.

This issue comes up from time to time. You’d think the Roon guys would have some tools to check metadata for this type of problem, but apparently not.

I suppose. But this is just weird. I don’t know what the correct values are, but I can see those are wrong.

Hey @Bill_Janssen,

First I want to say that we appreciate your feedback here. This specific area of metadata is something that we are actively looking into making improvements to in the future. I can’t provide specifics or a timeframe for this, but we hope to do better at automatically catching these types of inconsistencies in the data given to us by our metadata providers.

In the meantime, the best option is to manually edit this in Roon to remove the incorrect data.

Thanks again for your report, Bill. We really do appreciate it!