Investigate Roon Search Problems by Example - 1

My collection is 80% classical, but I have a large rock collection. I have 211 Beatles albums. That is to say, I have 211 albums, all of which have the Artist tag marked Beatles. When I search by Beatles, I get 11 albums. Obviously I have different versions of essentially all their albums. But the search does not produce the minimum of one version per album. I then did a global Metadata preference change to preferring my filenames rather than Roon information. It changed the specific albums selected, but not the number very much (like from 13 to 11).
If Roon would just add a String seach, even just an album = folder string search and call it maybe a developer’s option, so it wouldn’t violate the Roon principle of encouraging the broadening our musical horizons (which I will admit it has done), it would make life at least possible for people with large collections.
Don’t get me wrong. I love Roon. I couldn’t get along anymore without their parametric equalizer. Or their server/search engine. But there is something basic not being addressed. I only did database programming for a couple of years, but I know it could be better.
Note that I do not use any streaming services or attempt to incorporate them into Roon.

What happens if you go to albums then use focus to find Beatles?

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Do you have the “Show Hidden tracks and Albums” set to YES under Settings/General? If so, try turning it off and see if there is a difference.

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Have all these albums been identified correctly as The Beatles? If you go to the artist page do they all show up in albums in your library or in discography? Are they all found using a simple filter on the albums section! Using focus on the albums page by the artist do they all show up. This may help whittle down if this is a metadata issues or its a search bug. If metadata is wrong then Roons search will not works as well as it should, but there are some bugs they need to wrinkle out. You can find out what albums are unidentified by using focus on the albums section, choose from the inspector identified then click on the + it will turn red and do an inverse and look for those unidentified.


Hi @Julius_Moshinsky,

211 Fabs albums is worthy of some kind of prize in my estimation!

All the questions and suggestions here are a good starting point. Especially those recommending the Focus and Filter tools from your album page. I rather love The Beatles, as do a great number of our customers - as discussed here!

I’d love to see a screenshot of your Beatles haul whening using Filter on the album page. It sounds like you’d have quite a few that we’ve never seen before!