[Investigating] Roon app closing unexpectedly during playback (ref#URQTJK)

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I was listening to music and suddenly at the end of a track the windows desktop app just closed completely. I thought maybe I pressed something, so I restarted and continued listening.
On a second listening session it happened again! A couple of minutes ago.
It’s not that it just stops playing, the app closes itself!
Any ideas?

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Roon is installed on a PC with an Intel i9 10900, 32gb of RAM, the app is installed on a 250gb SSD and the music is on a 2tb SSD with a 600mb internet connection via wifi.
It runs on windows 11 Home Edition, Version 22H2.
The current Roon COre version is 2.0 (build1302) earlyaccess 64bit.

Connected Audio Devices

The audio goes from the pc via USB to a Topping EX5 DAC and then to a Yamaha amplifier

Home Network Details

As noted before I’m connected via wifi to a 600mb speed service

Hi, @macaumetal, thank you for your report. Could you, please, tell me if your remember what track was playing when crashes happened? Which format/sample rate?



Hi sorry for the (big) delay to answer but it just happened and i have the information.
I was playing Tróndur í Gøtu by Týr from Qobuz at 16/44.1. I was listening to a playlist I made in Roon with tracks from Qobuz, Tidal and local files and suddenly when the track ended, Roon closed.
I don’t know if this can help but at the time of the crash Iwas at the lyrics screen. When this happens there’s no popup or message.

Hope this is useful because it’s very annoying. Thanks

Hi Ivan, it happened again!
Same playlist built in Roon.
Song: Vedi! Le Fosche Notturne Spotigle (From Il Trovatore) by Therion played from Qobuz 16/44.1

Hi, @macaumetal, I requested another diagnostics report from your machine. Could you, please, launch Roon on it when you have a chance? So that the report will be sent to us.



Hello @macaumetal !
Thanks for reporting!
Could you please check if you have any streaming tracks marked as Unavailable in your playlist?

Thank you,

Hi Andrew,
all the tracks seem ok, no sign of any tag or something marking a track as unavaiable


Hi @macaumetal !

Have you faced this issue again during this time?
I have 2 steps for troubleshooting, that may help us:

  1. Add tracks that crashed Roon to a separate playlist, try to play it, and check if Roon crash again.
  2. Clear the image cache in the Settings-Setup-Clear image cache and play the same or the original playlist