[Investigation] Roon Arc 1426 Android drops out in background

Since I updated to the latest build it works if Arc is in the foreground and even if I lock the phone but if I have the phone open and bring any othe App to the front Arc will stop afer a minute or 2 and I have to go back in and restart


Gone back to an earlier build and all working again

After most recent updates it’s started again. As soon as ARC is in background it runs for a few minutes then shuts down!

Thanks for reporting @Philip_Read could you provide a timestamp from the past week for when exactly this was happening? We will look into logs.

Hi, @Philip_Read, could you, please, provide an answer to the following questions:

  1. Am I getting it right that when this occurs Arc will stop afer a minute or 2 and I have to go back in and restart in case music was playing it stops?
  2. Does it happen only when you are backgrounding the app while playing music?
  3. Does it matter if you have a DAC connected or it does not depend on which output type is used?




Apologies for the late reply! Unfortunately I deleted everything and reinstalled all the latest early access Apps and it’s back working again.

  1. Yes
  2. Yes. When Roon is kept at the front and the phone fully awake and lit up it works fine
  3. I only use it with a Chord Mojo attached

Thank you for your replies, @Philip_Read, our dev team is working on an improvement in this area, it will be out with the next EA build.


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Hi, @Philip_Read, we released a new EA build which contains fixes in the area you complained about. Could you, please, check if you are still seeing issues on your end?



This is definitely still happening in v284 (production). It’s inconsistent though, it’s not happening all the time.