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I already have the problem a couple of times that I save albums on the internal SSD of the Nucleus, but these are not visible in Roon. does anyone know the problem?

Where exactly did you save them? Unless you have a 2nd SSD or HDD in the nucleus you will not be able to see them. They must be stored on the 2nd drive.

I have a second SSD in the Nucleus. they are also saved in the folder there, but when i open the due roon remotely, they do not appear.

Try to troubleshoot with the information given the FAQ above. If you need more assistance, people may need more details about your case.

Hi @Dieter_Schaaf,was BlackJack’s post above able to help here? Are you still seeing any issues?

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no still doesn’t work. entire albums are not displayed, although they are visible on the internal SSD.

Hey @Dieter_Schaaf,

Could you please confirm what file format are these files? The supported ones in Roon are listed here.

The Format is wav or flac!

Hi @Dieter_Schaaf, do these show up in Skipped Files at all?

What happens if you search by path? Do they show up there at all?

Hi Dylan,

YES and YES!!