IOS 11 iPad app losing connectivity to Core

Just began with upgrade to IOS 11. Using 10.5” iPad Pro


working fine here on the very same iPad

Well I made a few changes in my settings that seemed to have mitigated the issue. “Keep screen awake” - turned this on and also cleared the Cache.

Well still happening. Have to kill the app. Otherwise all all I see is “Initializing” when I choose to find another Core, with the IP address I provide. Then when I subsequently kill the app and restart it, it asks me if I now want to “Connect”, which works.

Seems to be some sort of protocol problem. The MacMini Roon Core is wired into my Cisco smart switch which has a wired connection to the Eero access point. No other devices or apps have this problem.

Have you read through the issues with Smart Switches and made sure that none of those are affecting you.

Yes. No changes made to Cisco. Only change was IOS 11. Even updated to High Sierra. That didn’t have any effect. No other listed Issue are on point, or even close.