iOS 12 beta works fine with Roon

Just installed iOS 12 beta on an iPad air2.

Roon working fine.

Just if anyone is wondering.


Bold running a 1st beta. I’m looking forward to dark mode on MacOS.

I’ve heard on a number of Apple-focused podcasts that I follow that the current iOS public beta (likely the same build as the last developer beta) is fairly stable in general use. But it’s a beta - that stability could all change on the next release. The macOS beta, however, is apparently not safe for general consumption yet. Run it on an external ssd as an experiment, but don’t install it on a work or production machine. I know many of you have experience in the software and hardware worlds and are well aware, so I put this out there mostly for those who are more music- than tech-focused!

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Just installed public beta 2. Roon is really fast now.