iOS 14 Beta - Roon Core issues?

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First post, so apologies if it’s a dumb one. I recently upgraded my phone to iOS 14 Beta and for the life of me my phone can’t see my Roon Core. Basic compatibility issue or something else? Restarted my core and my phone, ensured same network and good connection, and unsure of next steps.


Since you’re on a beta version of IOS, I doubt anyone is going to have an answer. Is it possible to go back to 13.5.1?

I’ve moved this to the tinkering section as you’re likely to have most luck there given the beta status of iOS 14

Yep, I can restore my iPhone back to 13.5.1, and I confirmed it works on my wife’s iPhone with 13.5.1. Guess iOS 14 compatibility is problematic for now. Just a heads-up for folks, I guess.


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I assume Roon has some sort of process/procedure for evaluating and adapting to new IOS versions, but I certainly have no idea what that is.

Yeah, that makes sense. I want to say that I upgraded to the iOS 13 beta last year and didn’t have an issue with Roon, but it’s not a big deal. Thanks again, Jim.

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From memory Danny has mentioned they have started testing on iOS14.


FWIW, I don’t have this problem on iOS 14 or iPadOS 14. Roon works fine for both of my devices.


I can report the same success without any issues, even have iPadOS 14 Public Beta 2 on both a 2014 iPad Air and a 2015 iPad mini v4 working fine.

I too use with iPadOS 14.2. ETA no issues

I’m an idiot. After deleting and reinstalling the app a couple times I realized my issue: the new pop-up to allow or disallow the app to access network devices, I kept denying that on reflex. Finally approved that and it works like a charm now.

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Good morning. I use a iPhone8 with iOS 14.0 Beta2: No issues.

Well if you are an Idiot, most of us probably are as most of us have done something similar!

Welcome to Roon, enjoy the ride!

I assume you must have the developers iOS 14 beta, as they haven’t released the general population beta yet, is I don’t have it available to me yet (just checked), 13.6 beta being the current beta. And I am sure that 14Dev beta will have kinks with many apps, Roon included.

Nope - public beta for iOS 14. I think you need to reenroll your device for iOS 14, at least I did after having participated in the iOS 13 beta.

Yeah, I discovered shortly after my reply that I had to reenroll, unlike the launch of beta 12 and 13. Plus, 2-3 days ago said the public beta was at least 2-3 weeks away (at least I think it was CNET). I actually just searched iPadOS 14 beta after replying, and the first thing to pop up was 9to5mac, and they had the correct info and instructions.