iOS 15 - iPhone 12 Mini - Does not show full UI for focus

I usually choose specific year in Focus. However it is a bug in Roon Remote on iOS 15 that doesn’t show the whole timeframe.
Just would like to let Room know and hope it will be fixed.
Thank you

@support might be interested in this

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Hey @wizardofoz - thanks for tagging support!

@Cuong_Nguyen1 we appreciate you sharing your findings. I’ve taken this to the team for investigation.

Stay tuned :pray:

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Hello @Cuong_Nguyen1 ,

Can you please confirm the model of iOS device used for the screenshot? Thanks!

It is iOS 15

And the device model is?

I am using iphone 12 Mini

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Hi @Cuong_Nguyen1 ,

Thank you for confirming the iOS device model, can you please confirm if a reinstall of the Roon app changes anything? Thanks!