iOS 15 public beta / slow, lagging scrolling

Running the current public beta of iOS 15 here. Roon Remote works but is painful to use as any scrolling action is lagging. Feels as if the device is under stress.

To be clear - no criticism (as using the beta), so just as a feedback.

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But on iPad os 15 beta 2 it doesn’t lag. That’s only on iOS 15 beta 2.

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Sry. Should have been more precise. The iPhone here currently is the only 15 beta device. Cannot speak for iPads.

Yes I know. I just wanted to mention it. :wink:

iPad OS 15 beta is brilliant in 2021 iPad 12.9”. Roon problem-free. SGC sonicTransport i5 problem-free. NAD M10 problem-free.

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Same for me iPad works flawlessly on the beta while my iPhone 12 Pro is having the same issues mentioned above. Not worried because I understand too that this is beta and not fully supported.


I have tested installing a Magic Mouse. With this Roon doesn’t Lag in iOS 15 . It must be an error with touch.

iPadOS 15 here and no issues with laggy scrolling

Reading is a good thing. :wink: that‘s only on iOS 15

iOS and also no lagging latest beta 15 on iPhone X

Then this is a problem with iOS 15 and iPhone 12

Could be. 12pro here.

If I can grab & hold the slider on the right hand side, scrolling is quick, almost instantly. For instance ploughing through ‘my albums’.

Same here :wink::wink::wink:

No lag or other problems on 11Pro Max

Yep - laggy for me too on iPhone 12 and iOS 15 beta. I haven’t tried with any other device

Just an unhelpful “+1”. Same issue on iPhone 12 Pro with iOS 15 beta.

It was unusable for me on my 12 Pro so I wiped and reloaded 14.6. It was the only app not behaving on the 15 beta 2.

Update (and solution)

With Roon Remote (build 814) and the also just released iOS 15 public beta 4 the scrolling issues have gone. In fact it vanished with the new iOS come into play. 814 and the prior beta still had the issue.