iOS 16 (beta 4) with Roon

Just a small info - Running iOS 16 beta 4 on a iPhone 12 Pro connected with Roon Core on MacOS Monterey with latest version Roon.

All I can say THIS IS FAST !!! real fast … where I normally wait for a few seconds or more - it is just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.


What specifically is faster? The Core is still running on the same machine as before you did the IOS upgrade to your phone.

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I assume he meant that the Roon app on the iphone was faster in response time.?

Hi John, I am referring to response of the iOS device with ROON, which is almost without Delay under iOS 16. Even scrolling through my Library is fluently, also with selecting an album the information and tracks are in a splits second. I compared with my iPad Pro M1 (running iOS 15) and the response and feedback is a significant!

Yes the Core is still the same (latest version ROON, on a MacMini 2011 - i716GB/500SSDRaid1) only ROON Core and MacOS Monterey 12.5


Can’t wait to try that out. I myself would never run Beta software on my iPhone because it’s also my work device but I will obviously upgrade to IOS16 as soon as it is GA.

yes you are right about that, Apple also state that you should only run public beta on none production devices :slight_smile:

Is a little screengrab to show :sunglasses:

perhaps it’s just that apple tweaked the ui animation speed a bit to make it feel faster.

I know my iphoneXS feels faster when it’s jailbroken than when it isn’t jailbroken, largely due to an app that speeds up the animations in iOS. The phone obviously isn’t any faster… but it sure does feel like it is.

Maybe apple finally got there sH!t together and speed up the animations a bit. i don’t know… i’m still on ios 13.

Maybe you are right, dono, in my case not only the visual respons was speedy. I was used to wait until an Albums starts to play, waiting real seconds!!!, it now starts immediately.

An ‘Album directory - DSD128’ added to the queue with 500 tracks loads with 4 seconds and starts playing instantly first track.
In earlier iOS-es it took between 12 and 20 seconds to fill the queue and another 5 seconds before the first track starts to Play and this is where i am on iOS 16.5, and iPad iOS 16.3 am a happy camper for now.

I am on the same beta and see no difference on my IPhone 13 or my IPad Pro. You must have changed something else. Maybe you are just wanting to let everyone know you have the beta :rofl:

New/fresh install of anything always seems better and zippier.

When the OS was updated some housekeeping and cache cleaning may have been done.

At any rate, it’s an improvement, for now at least.

Happy Rooning. :notes:

Is this using the Roon Remote app on an iPhone?

Hello John,
Yes it is - it runs on all 16 betas now running b6.
All is smooth No crashes and latest version of ROON build.

And all my privat users are telling the same this build and the one before version of ROON is fast.
They all use either 4G/VPN or local when @ ou house and do hardly see differences and iOS diversity from 11 to 16

Hope you have your answer regards Max

I have an old iPhone that is not supported with iOS 16 :imp:.

Will I be able to continue to use Roon with iOS 15?

iOS is supported as far back as release 11.

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I should say, currently. Obviously this will change over time but 15 is safe for a long time.

As there are many apple iOS devices that can only get up to iOS 12.x I suspect that 12.x will be the minimum at some stage in the future but that could be a ways off.