iOS 96kHz/24 and 192kHz/24? For use with Qobuz hires

Hello there,

I would like to take advantage of Qobuz hires streaming so need to confirm this. Currently using Tidal CD with no issues … and with MQA I get the first unfold to 88/96 with my iPod Touch 7th gen/CCK3 adapter again with no issues.

Simple query… if using an Apple CCK3 adaptor with my iPod Touch as a Roon endpoint can I stream 96/24 bit and 192/24 bit files from my iOS device to my Chord Mscaler or any other DAC?

I’m also interested in finding out what the maximum sample rate/bit depth an iOS roon endpoint device can stream with the CCK3 adapter?

Many thanks

Hello @musickid,

There is no limit on the sample rate when using the Camera Connection Kit on iOS. There is a limitation on bit-depth which is capped at 24bits.

As long as the DAC reports its format support correctly, you should be able to play any format that would be supported with the DAC connected to a Mac computer.

This would mean that the theoretical maximum sample rate is 768kHz PCM and DSD 256 via DoP.


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