iOS and iPadOS App frustration

Thanks for the useful info. Until now, I thought I just have to live with the inconvenience of having to log in after auto shut off.

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I have no problems at all in a configuration similar to yours. My Roon server is also on an Intel NUC attached to a NAS for storage of the music files and an iPad for control. No problems even when I’m not at home and use a VPN (tap) to enjoy my Roon music abroad.

I, too, have this issue occasionally. I do not have the “Keep screen awake” option on Roon 1.8 (build 795). If designers moved this option, I can’t find it.

Wow, you managed to get VPN working. Congrats! Is there a tutorial you followed? I’m very interested in setting this up but all “manuals“ have been too complicated (for me).

Is this Screenshot from an iPhone, iPad or Mac? The function is not present on Macs, only on iOS and iPadOS.

Thanks, it’s from my iMac. I wasn’t thinking!

No, I did it myself :slight_smile:
It’s quite straightforward. I use OpenVPN.
My router (Asus) supports VPN server which I define as tap. Remote I use a dedicated mini-router (GL-inet MT300N) which also supports OpenVPN. This router is my slave.
Remote I use an Apply TV (connected to this router) as audio device and an iPad (also connected to this router) as control unit.
As OpenVPN (tap) makes it possible to adopt IP-numbers from your home network, Roon is working like a charm.

Good luck and if you have questions let me know!


Thank you. Clever, and very straightforward.
I assume you use this setup at work or a second home?
I have a different Router/Modem and need to look its capabilities. Thanks again!

We faced also several issues with iOs and iPadOS operating with our Roon installation.
Just to share our experience: after changing the internet modem setting of DHCPv6 Server to “stateful” everything is working fine and we are not facing anymore the issues with iOs and iPadOS. Maybe worth a check and try.

Could it be just me…would I be cheering to early…or did someone else notice the reduction of crashes on iPhone too?

same here….very frustrating, indeed.

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The “latest trend” is the lack of ability to connect to the Core

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I have been suffering the same symptoms that others report. Iphone and ipad take a time to connect and/or several refreshes to get the control panel to open, also some random disconnections. Following the un-install, restart device and re-install seems to have done the trick. Thanks.

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It does but I find that soon enough you have to do it again… the above “initializing” problem persisted until I deleted and reinstalled the app …again!

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I concur. I just opened Roon and my library of 300k+ tracks, and it took about three seconds, the same as opening my Weather Channel app. Sometimes it takes longer, and if I check, I usually have tons of other apps open (sometimes over twenty-five). So I doubt this problem is the iPad itself.

Thanks for the info! This does the trick for me.

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I dont want to speak too soon, but the new lockscreen controls option seems to keep roon running in the background and keeps it from having to reconnect every time. It probably has a negative impact on battery life though. Havent been running with it long enough, but if roon is fully running in the background, battery will be awful.