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When using Roon on my iPhone with AirPods when I pause the music from the AirPods Roon will not restart playing from the AirPods play command. The now playing lock screen disappears and I must unlock the phone and go to the Roon app to hit play again. This behavior has been consistent with Roon for several versions now.

It is really frustrating to use Roon with my iPhone and AirPods. I wind up just using Qobuz and PlexAmp instead which work as they should. Please fix this.

Bob Silver

I can confirm a similar experience with an Android phone and a Shure Bluetooth combo. In truth it’s my “out and about” setup so I use it with Spotify rather than Roon as away from home isn’t Roon’s thing. The BT controls work fine with Spotify.

Unfortunately for me I use headphones more in my home than anything else. So as a result I wind of using Roon less than any of my other apps. It’s caused me to consider to not continuing my subscription at the next renewal.

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