iOS app crashes

I have the same issue since some days! iOS is crashing just seconds after launching…just sometimes it is working long enoughth to browse a little.
first I thought the change of my roon core system was the reason: I changed my core from my imac to a synology ds1621+ (with ssd and 4gb ram …strong enought :wink:
But after some testing…if i use my imac to browse and start playing…everyting is working fine! Just the ios app is crashing all the time.

Any hints to solve this?

Hello @Andreas_Strobl, have you reinstalled the app since this issue started occurring? Does clearing the cache help?

Hello @nuwriy, yes I did a reinstall, but this did not help.
But I found something different. It seams, that the Wifi connection of one of my endpoints was not very stable…since I gave him a cable, also the iOS app works better…
I will look onto this issue for some time, and try to install another hotspot to light up my wifi in this area of my house.
Lets see what happens!
Thanks for your fast response!

there are two identical threads now - sorry!

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Hi @nuwriy

I have the same issue intermittently with iPhones 8, XR and now 12pro. Roon runs on an iMac with an ethernet connection. It may be ok for weeks and then returns. The iOS app then tends to crash after 10 secs. Sometimes restarting the phone helps, sometimes not. Couple of app reinstallations did not permanently fix it. It keeps to be an annoyance. Mac (2009) is on latest High Sierra, iPhone always up to date. This continues to happen through various versions of iOS.

How much space do you have free on your iDevice, and how big is your library

Roon takes up quite a bit , mine is currently 2.7 gb . Go to Settings> General > iPad storage

If your very full it may be the reason

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200GB free on the iPhone. I even erased cache and history. Thanks, but unlikely to be a space issue. Further - the app crashes after a couple of seconds. Sometimes impossible to dig deeper into any menu structure :frowning:

The other trick is uninstall, restart the device , absolutely switch off and wait then restart and reinstall

You’ve probably done that already …

yeah, lost the count …

That’s awkward: Even with the Roon server shut down and the app searching for a core it keeps dying after some seconds. Same after removing and re-installing the app.To me this rules out the iMac (and the Synology on which I ran a test Roon server just to exclude certain configurations).

I had this issue for some time, but now everythings working!

I thought I found the problem - and i was able to reproduce - but today I also cannot reproduce the issue as I thought…
My iOS was crashing, when wifi was turned on on my raspberrypi-roon endpoint. But today even this was working…
Some days ago I had some iOS crashes, when I turned on my guest-wifi…but also this was no problem when I was testing roon today…

So it seems roon is some sensible according wifi…maybe on my wifi there was a unstable client…but I did not change anything!! (because my complete network is brandnew with some synology routers…)

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I am having the same problem. Signed up for a room trial today and installed core on an iMac and linked room to my Qobuz account. When I open the room app it crashes within 10 seconds. Can anyone help?

10-15 seconds until the app crashes could be a common pattern.

A reboot seems to have helped. I also had been out side the WiFi coverage for a bit so that would force a reconnect.

FWIW, I don’t recall ever having the “open iOS app, immediate close/crash” previously, but since 880 I do. This doesn’t bother me as much as it does some (it’s an easy and nearly unconscious gesture to relaunch), but I just wanted to report that something might have changed with the latest update.

Ios15.2 on iPhone 12, and 2nd gen iPad Pro.

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Hi ! Same here with 880 on iPad pro.

This issue was resolved a couple of months’ back, but appears to have reared its ugly head again with the latest update debacle.

Same issue here. iPad Pro (latest one). Signed up for a trail of Roon, but don’t think I will continue my subscription after the trail if the app keeps crashing all the time :frowning:

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