iOS app crashing continously

Core Machine
mac mini M1 16 gb ram Mac OS Big Sur Roon 1.8 build 795

Network Details

Gigabit Ethernet Netgear switches

Audio Devices

Bluesound Powernode 3rd gen, ethernet

Library Size
630 albums

Description of Issue

Using Roon remote 1.8 build 795 on ios 14.6, iPhone 12 mini

Just bought a new Bluesound Powernode 3rd gen. Everything hardwired. Have 3 other bluesound devices (powernode 2i x2, pulse mini 2i). With new powernode, roon remote on the iPhone is continually crashing. App will launch, I can start playing music, then it crashes. Check something it settings → crash. Do nothing → crash. Music keeps playing. Restarted iphone, didn’t fix it. Wasn’t happening with any of my older bluesound devices.

Including @support


Try uninstalling and reinstall the app

You may want to follow this and also submit your data.


Thanks. I just submitted my data.

You’re welcome Matt.

Hello @Matt_Levin

Welcome back to Community. :wave: We’re sorry to see that you’ve experienced issues with the iOS app. We’re working aggressively to address these issues and appreciate that you added your information to our data collection effort.

I’d like to recommend a few troubleshooting steps that have cleared this up for other Rooners.

  • If you haven’t already, please try a simple restart of the iOs device and your core.

  • If that doesn’t remedy the issue, uninstall the iOS app on your iPhone, restart, then reinstall.

This has been successful for a number of people who were seeing remote app crashes. I’m hopeful that you’ll have good results as well, Matt.

If this doesn’t cure your problems please be assured that we’re making every effort to determine the cause of these crashes and implement a fix.