iOS app hangs regularly on iPad Pro

(Radoslaw Goscimski) #1

Hi @support

I’m a new user of Roon.

My setup is Roon kit base on Lenovo I7 16 GB laptop with separate SSD disk for music and system.

I’m streaming audio to Aries G1 over wi-fi.

My problem is that iOS app that I’m using to manage Roon is regularly hanging up and only closing it and open again solve the problem (iPad pro).

Other application working fine during the same time and access do internet or local network also do not cause any problems.

Can you help?

(Ged) #2

Try reinstalling and reinstall the iPad app 1st.

(Noris) #4

Hello @Radoslaw_Goscimski,

I would try reinstalling the iPad app as the first troubleshooting step and if you’re still having issues afterwards please let me know the model/manufacturer of your Router, any network switches, range extenders, powerline adpaters, ect. that you may have in your setup.