iOS app not stable across the board

Same issue here. I’ve been complaining about this for a really long time. Hopefully there is a resolution.

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Maybe folks can list their device models.

Happens on both iPad Pro 11” 256gb 13.3.1 MU172ZP/A A1934
and iPhone X 256gb 13.3.1 MQAF2ZP/A not sure Axxxx model but was supplied in asia

iPhone: XS Max, 512GB (430GB used), iOS 13.3.1
iPad Pro: 10.5", 512 GB (400GB used), iPadOS 13.3.1

Couple of things:
1- iPhone app is unstable, iPad is not
2- Instability has happened with all 13.x.x versions of iOS

Just a thought:
I have been a Qobuz subscriber for four years. And during this time, the Qobuz app has become increasingly, and to a great extent, hungrier and in need of resources. You only need to look into Play Store or App Store:
But dozens of people, owners of older devices, who complain of constant crashes in the Qobuz app.
With my older smartphone, an LG V10, I can only manage just as well for the garden. As soon as I download something to a memory card, change playlists or do something that stresses the processor and consumes RAM, the Qobuz app crashes.
And apparently it’s not just me.

Okay …
why should it be different with Roon?
Regarding Qobuz, I bought another device with a stronger processor and more RAM …
I haven’t had any problems since then.
But maybe it is due to my network?
I do not Know.
In any case, I have none of the problems mentioned here - everything works like a charm without any difficulties. Turn on and play music.
I am not an expert. Just a music lover.

This is not the issue.

I run both an iPhone XS Max and an iPad Pro, identical amount of storage (512GB). Both running the same releases of software (iOS and iPadOS 13.3.1). And yet iPhone crashes whereas iPad does not.

That’s complete nonsense. Really, think about it.

Also, the iPhone crashed when it had just 90GB used. No difference.

Just out of interest, have you tried a hard reset of your phone or iPad?
You probably have as you seem to know how these things work.

I only ask because this has cured issues for me in the past.

I have tried that. Does not help.

My iPhone is stable for a while, then becomes very unstable. Then all of a sudden after a few days it will become stable again. Very strange and why I have the hunch it must be something related to cache management across sessions. It is also clear it is the OS killing it because otherwise the Roon app logs would tell you something (my logs were/are activated and Roon is getting the info from my phone). It also seems clear this is an issue with the iOS/phone part of the code (ie the GUI code used to render on iPhones).

I’ll also add that my understanding is xcode simulator is not great at keeping state between sessions or troubelshooting what happens with apps in the background, so this might be making it harder for the Roon team to debug. But a bug it sure is.

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I just started having the same issue. I see that the earliest post here is from January. Everything has been working fine for me up until today. It’s crashing like crazy. It’s not really usable.

I’ve had a nice and stable two-three months and this issue began re-occurring for me again yesterday. Same as before, Roon on iPhone will crash after about thirty seconds. Deleting and reinstalling has not helped, and it also occurs in airplane mode as I saw suggested as a troubleshooting step in the split out thread linked above.

Is there any better understanding of this issue that the team can comment on?

Hi @AlanTS,

Please see my update on this issue:

Unfortunately clearing the cache and queue didn’t make any difference. The app is crashing every couple of minutes now.

Hi @Eran_Levy,

We are currently in the state of gathering iOS Console logs for when this issue occurs, if you are conformable with collecting these kinds of logs, can you please use the instructions from the following thread to reproduce + send the Console logs from your affected device?

I have just begun to experience the same (or similar issue), though the problem is limited to my iPad Pro 512GB and does not occur on my phone. Unlocking the iPad will often generate a blank screen. Sometimes the app is locked up. Sometimes the bottom (now playing) bar can be tapped to get to the album and trigger the screen refresh. Sometimes the back arrows disappear preventing that navigational option.

I’m running Roon Core on a 2TB Innuos Zen Mini. The Innuos is hard wired to an Orbi network satellite. The refresh issue seems to be limited to Qobuz albums in my library (as opposed to local content) though I need to confirm this.

Since the app refresh calls are made from the app / client, I would suggest the server side has nothing to do with this issue.

Hello Everyone,

We are still looking into this issue and we are looking for users who would be willing to install a special version of the Roon app with additional logging capabilities who are encountering this behavior. If you are interested in helping, please PM Dylan, thanks!

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Hi, my Roon app is starting to crash again. Do u want me to install your special version and provide you with feedback?

Hello @Roon_Superuser,

I am so happy to hear you’d like to lend a hand to our product, dev and technical teams. The best way to do so is by filling out this form:

I hope you’ll get a chance to :nerd_face:

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