iOS Backup function [DO NOT USE IT!]

Version 1.2 in iOS apps shows “Backup” button in settings menu. “Backup” function does not appear in OSX versions.

I was able to successfully link to my Dropbox account and set it up to do an immediate backup. A RoonBackup folder was created in Dropbox.

Is this feature safe to use?

Is the backup adequate or should I continue to back up the way I have been?

Version 1.2 working well for me with both OSX and iOS versions including AirPlay streaming.


Oh, oh something accidentally got left in the released iPhone app.

No, do not use.

That isn’t supposed to be there. It’s half finished, and the button is supposed to be hidden outside of dev/alpha environments.

Turn it off, don’t use it, don’t trust it. It isn’t done yet.

We’ll get it removed from the next build, and put it back once it’s been thoroughly tested and finished.

Hi, trying to setup backup of my library and I’m entering (for example) “C:\Roon” under backup path, but getting an error. Is that the right syntax for backing up to a local drive on the Windows machine where Roon Server is running? Thanks.

@hammer, see above. This feature snuck out half-finished because of a mistake in our iOS build process. It’s not ready yet.

Sure, no problem…thanks for the reply.

…and shameless request for non-destructive queue option in version 1.3!

Maybe this is a good reason to think about TestFlight :slight_smile:

What has two thumbs and would love to be a beta tester? This guy :thumbsup: :thumbsup: