iOS Crashes - Reboot of phone temporarily resolved

I just started a Roon trial (to use with a NAD T778 receiver) and am seeing this behaviour with the iOS app on my iPhone XS Max 512Gb.

The app also makes my phone get very hot.

(Edit: a reboot of the phone seems to resolve the issue in the short term at least)

Hi @Indraneel_Datta,

Welcome to the forum. Does this behavior occur when accessing one specific screen when using the app? Has the Roon app remained stable since your latest reboot of the phone? If there are further issues, you may want to try uninstalling and reinstalling the Roon app from the Apple App Store.

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Hi noris - thank you.

When this was happening it was happening very frequently (Every few minutes, or any time I tried to really do anything) and it was hard to see a pattern.

The behaviour hasn’t recurred, although the app sometimes fails to connect to the Core (on a Win 10 pc). If it does and the reboot doesn’t fix it I might try a delete and reinstall.

I’m also using the BluOS controller (my endpoint is a BluOS device), which is more stable, although it’s obviously missing much of Roon’s functionality.

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Hi @Indraneel_Datta,

Please do try a reinstall of the app if the behavior re-occurs.

So, the behaviour recurred yesterday (crashing after a few seconds, phone getting very hot and chewing through battery). A delete and reinstall didn’t fix it but a phone reboot did.

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Hello @Indraneel_Datta,

Glad to hear that the reboot sorted the behavior out. If this issue re-occurs, can you please check if toggling Airplane Mode on and turning the WiFi on (with Airplane mode active) stops the crashes?

Hi Noris, thanks for all your help with this. At the moment I won’t be subscribing after the trial ends - I’m just not finding the system stable enough. Some of my hardware may be at fault, and I will revisit in the future.

Hello @Indraneel_Datta,

Sorry to hear that you have decided not to pursue Roon further at this time.

If it’s a matter of having some more time to test the app, please do let me know and I can certainly put in a request for you with our accounts team for a trial extension.

If you wish to take another look in the future, we can also provide another trial when that time comes, please just flag down @support or @accounts on a new thread when that time comes.

Thank you!

Thank you! I’ll take you up in that in due course.

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