**IOS CRASHES** What to do, if Ipad or Iphone is crashing: Install the latest app update

If your Ipad/Iphone ist crashing, try changing IOS! Language and roon app Language to English. That workaround should help

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Switch the system language (not the language in Roon) to English and it should work


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Sounds like a poor workaround… but it solves the problem

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agreed. Meanwhile this Thread should be pinned by the mods, to be easily found. There are a number of other threads on the same topic already.

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This is the reason that the pre-reviewers like John Darko or Stereophile didn’t have problems. They do speak English!

But it is an workaround :slight_smile:
Until a general solution will be found, what would be in a few hours, max. some days, it is okay I think.
And even the language in roon stays, in my example, in German. So there should be no real impairment.

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Well, all other iPad apps are in english, just for roon to work.
OK for me for the moment, but might be a no-go for other users.

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Bad idea to mess up settings for ALL Apps by changing language just to accommodate a bug in ONE App


This is what audiophiles will do. Other people go to SM studios…


Bump up this topic.

My language setting is Dutch, how to switch language to English if after pressing “enter” I am coming back in the starting / Home Screen of my IPad and IPhone? No access at all to settings. I hope this bug will be solved soon. Further compliments for the new lay out and understanding that some issues will be noticed prior it is getting perfect!

If Roonlabs would bother to use at least some of iOS’ native UI framework they could actually make the app’s language switchable via iOS’ settings…but yeah.


I can’t report the same! My iPad runs in German setup - but language for Roon is (and has always been from the beginning) set to English (watch out in the Roon settings). No problems to report about. Works fine.

John Darko doesn’t have a problem with anything as long as he gets payed and is able to disable comments with his readers. Sure, I imagine he loved 1.8.

The same problem over here!

Roon’s apparent excuse for using its cross platform Xamarin API is that it gives customers the same experience no material what device is being used. What it actually gives us is the same shi+ty experience on every device, because none of them are optimized properly for the native platforms of Mac, iOS, Android, or Windows! So we get apps that are half ass and broken everywhere.

Thats is very true. He is a marketing clown who will praise anything as long as he gets compensated high enough. Click bait.

Hi as stated above you neet to change the system language to english. To do that you need to go to the ipad preferences and change the language here. This causes a restart of the ipad.

True, we´re in need for a fix quickly