iOS devices crashing shortly after startup [See staff post]

I think this sums it up nicely - Click on “App Support” from the App Store, and you get to this:

Good indication of the support available for IOS users…

Still just as bad for me. @support. When was the last time you posted an update on this issue? At least have the courtesy to update your paying customers and provide us with some confidence that you’re still actively looking into a fix, or if not then let us know so we can find an alternative to Roon on IOS devices…

If I hadn’t invested in Roon ready devices I’d be stopping my subscription. And I am now looking for alternatives. I’m sure I’m not the only person very close to ditching Roon over this.

There may be more of us, but as true this is for us, (many) others are (fortunately) unaffected.

Hey @Alex_Di_Donato,

Thanks for choosing to post about this and to let us know of the 404 error when trying to get to Roon support. I’ve notified the team about this, so we can address it.

While I don’t have an update on this investigation, I wanted to thank you for sharing that more frequent updates would help. As soon as we have one, we won’t hesitate to let everyone know.

Please, bear with us for a little longer :pray:

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I updated both the Roon app and Roon Core to build 795.
Crashes still occur.

Ahhh - using the latest app version on iOS 14.5.1 on iPhone 12 Pro the consistent crash bug is back :frowning:
@support What is the current status? This is an absolute show stopper for those users being affected.

See Staff Post


Done the survey. Thanks for addressing this more aggressively.

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After so many consistent reports of iPhone crashes it’s very disappointing that we only get a survey instead of a bug fix. iOS app development is not black magic and Roon should just allocate dev resources to fix this ASAP.

I was pitching Roon to a couple of friends but these crashes were an immediate turn off.

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The survey is designed to focus on devices with issue to expurgate a fix to the bug… I have no issue with my I pad pro

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The point is that the issue was reported months ago and many of the threads indicate the affected devices are almost 100% iPhones and the survey seems like a very inadequate response to the widespread bug reports.

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Well, they are making positive steps now, so anyone who has the issue should fill in the information. Soonest done, soonest fixed. No point complaining as the solution is in sight.

I think it’s fair to say there is a lot of frustration among those affected. Build up over quite some time. However, looking back is rarely the solution so I am carefully confident this episode now may come to an end. So let’s roll up the sleeves and report, and to the dev team do what devs do :+1:


I sure hope you guys are right because a survey in my mind is hardly an indication that the solution is in sight or that the they have devs looking at the problem just yet.

If a little complaining helps move things in the right direction I’d think this is the place for it

Hear you. And for my part I am willing to grant this final effort to Roon. My renewal is paused and will certainly remain so if this is screwed.

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These crashes are becoming more frequently by the day, currently. Changing my mood from ‘annoyed’ to ‘almost fuming’ :rage:

This bug is still a major problem for me. When it begins to crash the phone needs rebooting. Sometimes it only happens every few weeks and a hard phone reboot fixes the issue for a while. Other times it’s much more intrusive and is a daily occurrence. Rarely, it requires multiple reboots in one day to circumvent the crashing. However, on these rare days I am forced to use my iPad. First world problems I know! But I am surprised this bug has been plaguing the iPhone for so long now.

Just filled the form, hope we can get a resolution on this soon. Latest iOS release on my iPhone 11 Pro is unfortunately unusable.

Since my last post, when I decided to give up due to non-existing response to my detailed reports, I’ve updated my phone to iOS 14.6.

I had a good week without any crashes, that is until yesterday.

Now the issue is back, Roon is completely unusable on my main controller (i.e. my phone) and I’m glad I didn’t renew my subscription during the “good week” ™.

In the meantime, I’ll be missing Roon as it is the best solution to my home listening - at least on paper. I hope they can fix this and make everyone happy. Until then, so long!

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Giving up on a very good thing too soon.

It’s been12 days since the Survey was posted, is it too soon to ask for an update?

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