iOS devices crashing shortly after startup [See staff post]

Just realised that when playing music and I open iphone camera, Roon looses control of device.

Also happened when I clicked on a photo on here.

Keeping this one alive. iPhone 12 Max. Crashes within 15 seconds of opening.
Add this to radio linkable metadata and recent Qobuz favourite albums disappearing, I’m questioning the value?

I’ve also responded to the survey. Have been afflicted with this problem for more than a year, on both an iPhone 11 Pro Max and now an iPhone 12 Pro Max. A reboot temporarily solves the issue but it’s immensely frustrating having to do so every few days.

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I think with all debugging data collected Roon can fully reproduce the problem. But of course so many still feel lost as there has been no update since about current status, next steps etc. @kevin

This sounds like iPhone specific issue

I have 2 iPads, an 6 year old mini on iOS 12 a new 12.9 pro on iOS 14 both behave normally. You occasionally get a Roon Remote restart if too much is open but it’s split seconds.

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I’m late and just found this thread. I likely don’t have much to add other then I am experiencing it on both my iOS devices, an iPhone 11 Pro and an iPad Pro. Both running 14.6. Crashes seem to often be when switching back to Roon from other apps. Correct behavior (which it does 95% of the time is a screen refresh). I also get app lockups and the app crashes back to Home Screen while using it. I’m on a trial still, so 1.8 is the only version I’ve used.

I love Roon and I can still use it successfully as the trouble is fairly sporadic, but it does get frustrating.

I’m willing to help with any troubleshooting.

Did you do iOS devices crashing shortly after startup [Submit your device data] - #145 ? Hopefully @support will finally also provide some feedback here too.

I submitted form. Frustrating that this still happpens. With my former 2018 iPad Pro 11, as well as the 2021 iPad Pro 12.9 I replaced it with in May. :frowning:


same bs here. iphone 12 pro, 14.6. roon 18.00795.

no problems on my android or older ipad. (although the v18 ui is super sensitive on both devices, often a drag gets identified as a click.)

miss the older room build. the only thing version 18 brought for me is a ton of bugs and flaky ui. feels like i paid 100 bucks for a beta version.

hire a new QA person before releasing new builds!

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Is there a fix to this?

Kudos for the iOS switches with the new release. Was a long journey. I hope this will finally fix it for us.

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Can you tell more to those of us who put our subscriptions on pause? Has this been fixed finally?

Paused. And this will only be reverted if the crashes stopped with certainty.

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I started up the new version to be greeted with a crash in 10 seconds. Feels so cheap.

@support - as you are indicating that this issue to produce itself on a limited number of IOS devices, why don’t you exchange a good working device with a Roon user who has a ‘crahing one’.
Or just offer to buy the damned thing.

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Hi folks,

Thanks to those of you who submitted your device data, it was a huge help and I’m happy to say that Roon 1.8 (Build 806) included some notable changes based on your feedback. Below, I’ll summarize each change and what to do next.

Fixed a bug where duplicated network interfaces on iOS could trigger crash

We had an iOS device in-house that would often crash within 30s of starting Build 795. Getting out of this state necessitated rebooting the device. We eventually discovered that a duplicate network interface left behind by a VPN app was causing the crash. After deploying this fix and updating to Build 806, this device no longer crashes on startup!

While that’s great news, it should be noted that this was a surgical change meant only to fix those of you who might also have duplicate network interfaces causing crashes. If you’re not crashing after startup, then it’s likely you won’t benefit from this fix.

New iOS Settings for troubleshooting

New iOS settings can be accessed in iOS Home → Settings → Roon.

Reset Roon Remote on next startup

This setting allows you to wipe Roon Remote data without having to re-install the app. This will typically be used by the support team during the troubleshooting process. Or, if a re-install fixes your crashes (as some of you have noted) this is a quicker way to achieve the same result.

Note: This setting does not persist between sessions.

Save logs to Files on next startup

One of the major difficulties with startup crashes on any platform is collecting meaningful logs. With this setting, Roon will enable more verbose logging and save a copy of those logs to your Files, making sure they don’t get wiped during a crash.

Note: This setting does not persist between sessions.

:star: Next Steps :star:

We want to gather another round of data to see what progress has been made since Build 806. We’re also looking for more information about your network interfaces and have included instructions in the form below to help us collect that info.

If you’re still crashing after updating to Build 806, please fill out this form.

After you submit your data, we may reach out to you privately so we can grab verbose logs and put together a thorough report for our R&D team.

Thanks all! We’ll follow up with updates as we have them, and again, we’re so grateful for your continued patience and cooperation as we work to improve the experience on iOS. :pray:


The speed of my Roon remotes improved a lot after fixing Ubuntu 20.04 MDNS issues. Haven’t had crashes since but am scared they will return. The local lookups were slow before this.

Maybe the used VPN is also a network hog. I’ve experienced slow network performance using the AdGuard local VPN service to block ads.

Edit: I’m running Roon Core on a NUC6i5 with Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop.

These are the settings I changed in relation to MDNS on Ubuntu:

Hi everyone,

We are still looking to collect data as mentioned by Kevin above:

If you’re seeing this issue still, please fill out this form. Alternatively, if you’ve seen any changes after the most recent update, please let us know!