iOS dynamic search broken in 1.5.00323


Just installed iOS 1.5.00323 (today). Auto-complete searches do not work after the first attempt (the first search will autofill results as you type, but the next search you do you have to hit the search button and there is no dynamic autofill.

Please see the video:

Roon’s is not entirely auto-complete; it doesn’t index everything, particularly TIDAL data. But if you follow through with the search, all will appear.

Nope. It worked before. For example, in the video i type ‘barenboim’ and it doesn’t auto-search. If i leave the app or go to overview and then do a new (first) search, then it does auto-search and I can then just click on barenboim as one of the search results.

So, it is not working in some cases, when it clearly can in others using the exact same search term.

Here is the proof @John_V @eric

It auto-searches first time and then doesn’t. Using Barenboim as an example.

I think you found a glitch. The iPad version works differently and correctly.

I think @dylan is fielding these issues.

Hello @Afullmark — Thank you for sharing this with us, the detailed report is greatly appreciated.

I’ve passed the behavior you’re experiencing along to the technical team for further review. Once I’ve heard back from them I will be back with an update in a timely manner.


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Thank you.

Any news with this @dylan

Afullmark, unless you have further info to add, I doubt you will hear further from them. The bug isn’t debilitating, so it may not get urgent consideration.

Consider yours a job well done. Which it was. :slight_smile:

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Hello @Afullmark

I just wanted to let you know that we have submitted a ticket to the development team to track this behavior you’ve reported to us. While I cannot make any commitments as to when this behavior you’ve observed will be addressed, I can however assure you that we will update you if any changes are made in a future release.

Thank you again for sharing this report with us, the feedback is always appreciated!