iOS endpoint does not resume playing after being paused

Roon Core Machine

iMac Late 2013
Quad-core Intel Core i5
Ubuntu 21.04, ufw firewall disabled
Roon Server: 1.8 build 814
Roon Endpoint: ios app 1.8.00814

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear Nighthawk router, unifi ac lite AP

Connected Audio Devices

iPhone 6s running roon connected via wifi and outputting through dock connector

Library Size

24,652 tracks

Description of Issue

iPhone 6S will launch roon app, show up as an endpoint, and play local media without issue.
After ~5 minutes, if the music is paused it will consistently fail to resume playing. I am able to reproduce the issue with some consistency, but shorter pause times seem to resume playing occasionally. Issue occurs identically on windows-based core, so suspecting the issue is on the endpoint side.

Workaround has been to exit the roon app on the ios endpoint, relaunch, and resume playing.

Looking for troubleshooting assistance to determine why it plays without issue on a fresh launch, but after being paused will fail to resume playback.

Thank you!

Hi @Mark_Mitchell

When it is failing to start playback are you receiving any errors or anything? What does it look like in the Roon app during this time? Can you do a quick screen recording to show what you’re seeing? Thanks!

Thanks Dylan,

No errors are presented.

Screen recording from endpoint.

in this video:

  1. begin new track, plays without issue
  2. pause @ 15 seconds
  3. wait a moment
  4. press play, pause button shows action received, but playback does not resume

Screen recording from controller (running on a separate Mac)

in this video:

  1. restart roon app on ios endpoint
  2. play new song, plays without issue
  3. pause
  4. resumes successfully
  5. pause again, lossless icon goes away
  6. resume fails, no error displayed

Thanks for the video, @Mark_Mitchell! I’m going to enable diagnostics so we can take a look at what happened here. I’ll be in touch once I have an update on our investigation!

Hi @dylan

Any update on this support request?


Hi @Mark_Mitchell, we’ve tried reproducing this on our end but so far we haven’t been able to. You previously mentioned:

If you remove the dock from the equation is there any change?

Tested just now, no change in behavior between dock connector and headphones. I also tried disabling private wifi on ios, but that also produced the same behavior.

Testing steps:

  • Close roon app
  • Unplug from dock
  • Plug in headphones
  • launch roon app
  • play a song
  • pause for 5 seconds
  • play for 5 seconds (successful)
  • pause for 5 seconds
  • play for 5 seconds (failed)

I’m having exactly the same problem with an iPad Air 2 that I use to listen to music in the evening. If I use wired earphones with remote then a paused track will not resume if you press it 5 seconds or more after entering pause mode. I’ve just tested on my iPhone 8 Plus and get the same issue with wired headphones. Interestingly, if I use my Air Pod Pro’s then it will pause but never resume - even if less than 5 seconds. The same thing happens with my Fiio BTR5 earphone amplifier that connects to the iPad via Bluetooth.

Another issue that’s possibly connected to this is that if I set a timer to stop the music after 30 minutes I will almost always get the ‘Select an Audio Zone’ message the next time I enter Roon on the iPad. Closing the app down and restarting it will always fix the problem. I think it’s something to do with the app going into background mode (I’m sure I’ve had the same problem when pausing the iPad via the earphones after 15 minutes or so).

Thanks for confirming, @Mark_Mitchell. I passed a ticket along to our team for investigation and I’ll be sure to reach out as soon as I have their feedback.

Thanks @dylan! and Thanks @John_Williams for reporting the same! Always helpful to have a sample size more numerous than a single user!

One additional data point, I have been using this setup for about a year and this issue started occurring in the last ~4-6 weeks.