iOS endpoint over ethernet?

Is it possible to use an iOS device as a Roon endpoint over ethernet (vs. WiFi) using appropriate adaptors? Has anyone had success making this work?

I occasionally use my iPhone as an endpoint. It plugs into the USB-A input on my Peachtree Nova 150 (integrated amp) using a straight lightning to USB cable (with no adaptors, no dongles, no decrapifiers). Peachtree touts their “Dynec” technology for this purpose. I like the SQ and functionality. It’s a low clutter, low heat, low noise, and relatively low cost solution (esp if you already have an iOS device). The USB connection charges the device while in use.

So I’m wondering if I can make this work with a wired ethernet connection and perhaps a powered USB hub etc. Don’t want to go buying a bunch of adaptors if others already have tried and failed. The typical use case for the adaptors apparently is web surfing and such when WiFi might not be available.

I’m not sure the USB HUB can connect to the Peachtree. When I bought my Nova 300, I had several discussions with their Tech Support about that uses for that port, and they were pretty adamant about nothing other than a direct connection to an Apple device, being plugged into it.

Give Peachtree a call, Nice guys and they would know pretty much whether it can or should be done.

Yes, I’d be concerned about the wrong amount of power flowing into the wrong device, so am a little reluctant to experiment without some other guinea pig first telling me it has worked.