iOS freeze triggered when using Roon

Yesterday before sleeping, I listened with my Bluetooth Headphones with Roon. Today in I wanted to use my iPad (for work) and it is not willing to leave Roon at all. I cannot use my iPad at all. I can’t even restart it!

To clarify: When I activate my iPad, after entering the code or using face ID, it displays the Roon app, that is (as so often) only displaying “roon”. Normally I could swipe from the bottom to kill Roon or switch to different apps. BUT THIS IS NOT WORKING! The white bar appears when I swipe but Roon won’t “move”. It’s stuck to roon. I can swipe from the top-right corner to access WiFi, Volume, etc. I can use the camera from the login screen and display the widget bar there. I tried to tap on a widget to jump directly into the corresponding app - it just wont’t react. I pressed the power button for a minute, no reaction.

My battery has > 90 % so it will take days to drain (the display is shutting down after some seconds).

This is the biggest bug I’ve seen in an iOS app so far.

Do you have any ideas how I can use my iPad again?

Hi, just a thought … have you tried double tapping the home button to display all the open apps and then seeing if swiping the app upwards will allow it to close rather than swiping up just the Roon app when fully open?

I already tried that. The reboot-slider is not appearing, no matter how long or where (login-screen or chrashed roon app) I press them. It seems, the crashed app is somehow preventing everything that might end it. Strangely I get mail notifications an can read them in an overlay but not start the mail app from there.

Thanks, but It’s a new iPad pro. I has no home button.

Apple support time maybe you are single app mode… or whatever they call it…try 3 presses on the sleep button

OK, THAT trick was new and somehow I didn’t found it googling.

It worked. Thank you.

But has anyone experienced something like this? Even with other apps?

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I thought about it, but the iPad itself was responsive. I even got mail notifications on the lock-screen and could open the mails in a layer. The camera, accessible via swipe from right was also working. Also, I never had any similar problem on all my iOS devices in the last 10 years. It’s no proof that it’s roon fault but all things point that way (for me).

My theory is that Roon had a problem when the bluetooth headphones disconnected over night. So the current set audio zone changed.

Apple broke my iPad Air with IOS 14, then fixed it with a patch a week later. It wouldn’t wake properly from switch on after the update. It woke to a black screen. Some things were working (could take a screen snapshot and use the camera, all with a black screen), but it needed several hard restarts to get to an illuminated screen at start up.They don’t test their own stuff anymore!
EDIT: Roon 1.8 hasn’t caused any issues so far, one week on.

You need to hold 2 buttons simultaneously , the OnOff and one of the Volume buttons for about 20 sec , it seems like an age but you will get to reboot the ipad

Mines a 2020 12.9 Pro

I changed the thread subject to something more balanced, less inflammatory and sensationalist given the speculative nature of where the issue lies.

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OK, but I think the topic now doesn’t reflect the severity of the issue. I could not use the iPad at all until I used this “press several buttons to force reboot” trick. I changed the topic slightly. Its less aggressive than at first but reflects it better.

Try to force restart your iPad. Or use an ios repair tool to fix the freeze issue.