iOS/ iPad issues (connection and UX)

ROCK on nuc7, 1.7 build 710, iOS 14, latest roon app


I have two issues with Roon on iOS:

  1. The app keeps losing the connection to the core whenever another app is opened or the device goes to sleep. Everytime I come back to the roon app, it takes a couple of seconds to connect, and that is independent of the location in the house (aka the wifi connection), I even tried with ethernet (connected via USB-C connector on my 2018 iPad Pro)
    What can I do to fix this and if I cannot do anything, when are you going to fix this?

  2. On the iPad Pro (the one without a home button), you need to swipe up to switch apps - the issue with Roon is, that the song progress in that swiping area.
    So basically everytime I swipe up (is it really just me?), I scroll to that point in the currently playing song.
    Would it be possible to build something to prevent this from happening (like in the iPhone app, where there are the controls in the bottom bar)?

Thanks, Christian

  1. It’s not a native app and as far as I know there are no intentions to change this.
  2. A number of people have posted about this so I’m hoping roon have taken note… :slight_smile:

I’ve had the same issue as mentioned in your #2, but have trained myself to swipe up from the far right side of the screen, beyond the limit of the progress bar, which avoids disturbing playback progress. Hopefully, this issue will be addressed in an update before long.

Hi - I understand the comments and had also found workarounds.

But still I think this is worth pointing out over and over again to get a sustainable and professional solution.

Isn’t the professionalism one of Roon’s USPs compared to its free ‘competitors’?

My workaround for #2 is to only pull up the dock, so swipe up only until the dock is visible.
Most of the time it works, bt when it doesn’t it’s worse than a jumping needle on a turntable :slight_smile:


Hello @Christian_Christopho,

Thanks for the feedback here! Regarding item #1, a few seconds when re-connecting to the Roon app is expected behavior. Regarding item #2, I can’t make any promises here, but I’ll forward your feedback to the team!

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