iOS: Modifying Audio Devices visual glitch

Whenever I edit an audio device on the iPad and hit save the white Roon saving indicator doesn’t go away. I have to click on screen which then closes the progress indicator and the window.

This only happens on the iPad or iPhone.

I’ve seen this occasionally on the Windows and Mac remotes as well, but it hasn’t been consistent enough to be able to reliably replicate the behavior.

I have noticed that whatever changes I’ve made do get saved. Try going back into setup to see if the changes are there.

I’m going to flag @support here as this should be looked into.

I’ve had the exact same issue every time.

My System: For 2-channel: Self-built ZOTAC mini-PC w/JRiver & Roon server (using an iPad for JRemote & Roon control), W4S DAC2-DSDSe (now upgraded to DAC-2v2Se w/9038Pro) & Recovery, Biz Audio USB cable, McAllister Audio MA-10 Pre, McAllister Audio OTL-95 Amps using Morrow Audio MA4 interconnects, PureAudio Trio 15B speakers using Morrow Audio SP-7 speaker wires. Black Sand Audio Violet Z1 MKii power cables.