iOS remote overtakes Roon on laptop?

I was on my Mac Powerbook and couldn’t get any sound from Roon. (1.1) There was no problem with the computer setting because it would play Audirvana and iTunes. Then I tried operating Roon through the iOS Remote on my iPad, and voila, I got sound again. Does this mean I can only control Roon through my iPad? How do you switch back and forth?

Had you selected the required zone on the Mac?

Yes, the zone is selected.

Right now, I’m playing Roon through the app. The display shows the song I’m playing - everything normal. On my laptop, the display is still showing the last song I tried to play (and got no sound). It’s as if the laptop Roon doesn’t work at all, and just a cipher for the remote app.

Try shutting Roon (on you laptop) down and restarting it.