iOS remote touch screen sensitivity and choppy scrolling [Improvements released]

I find it very strange that they have difficulties reproducing and fixing this issue. I have three different iPhones (iPhone 7, 11 and 12 Pro) and all of these iPhones have the same choppy scrolling while keeping my finger in contact with the screen. When I flick to scroll and let go of the screen the remaining auto scroll is smooth.

C’mon guys you should have fixed this issue by now!

Another dev reported that they could reproduce the issue themselves and it wouldn’t make the recent update but would be in the nxt?,this scrolling issue isn’t jst happening on ios but also on android as reported by others.,I experience it my self on a ipad pro iphone 13 pro max Samsung t ab s4

Unfortunately looks like there will be no real improvements to ios devices in near future. I do not have major issue with scrolling but iPad (pro) app reloads every time after using other app for about minute or longer and every day there are times that Roon needs to be force-quit. Not the experience you would expect in ios app…

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Thats why I cancelled my subscription,fed up waiting on them to fix this issue that’s been going since 2019,like I said before any company isn’t really going to listen when your still putting money in there pocket,but I bet they soon would if everyone started cancelling there subscriptions


As you see from moved threads and others this bug is creating a bad user experience, not to say creating annoying feelings, on iOS devices.

And as you see in all user logs, many use these iOS devices as their main device for the remote.
So this over the very long time of its existence has unfortunately really caused a disbelieve to some users on how important a solid, everyday usage for ROON is to its users and addressing this properly.

I do hope that you can regain the trust by iOS users who didn’t abandon ROON till then and are still waiting for a fix.

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You are absolutely right, there is for example this show stopper when using playlists on After lockscreen loosing position in playlists on iOS that hopefully finally get‘s addressed. I don‘t know what they are testing on iOS, otherwise such very obvious bugs would be immediately identified,fixed in beta testing etc.

2y Ivan we’ve been waiting and your asking us to wait more,its lack of support like this why I cancelled my subscription

And if it was fixed in a very near update would you renew your subscription?

Definitely m8

Good to hear!

Thanks. I’ve already cancelled my subscription, though I’m keeping my NUC for now and leaving the option open to come back if the various iOS bugs get resolved in a reasonably timely manner.

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I can understand that this problem is a deal breaker for those suffer from the scrolling issue but to add some perspective this isn’t affecting all devices.
I have two iPads, two iPhones & an MS Surface pro & none of them have issues with scrolling, I suspect that the vast majority of users are are a similar position to me and the Roon team have to be very careful that, while implementing a fix, they don’t make the situation worse.

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I’m fed up of the terrible iOS performance too. I have logged a support request, sent them a video, but no feedback received other than to suggest my finger might be twitching when scrolling… yes… seriously.

Will not be renewing…


I think the problem here is when you vertical scroll, but accidentally move finger even slightly left or right, horizontal scroll event is being raised and this takes over cancelling/abandoning the vertical scroll.

The fix I guess will be to either lock out other axis scroll, or better, be able to honor both scroll directions simultaneously for smooth response in both directions - ie support panning.

Hi Paul,

Would you please be able to post a video of how the remote behaves on either one of your iPhones? Is it as smooth and natural as a Spotify, Tidal or Qobuz native app?

I’d be curious to see.

Cheers pal.

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Kevin, do you know something we don’t know? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Will sort you out with some proper fish and chips you’re probably missing :sweat_smile:

JK - I know you won’t be able to say.

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Beka, Can you give status on the same/similar issue on Android. I submitted a ticket ten months ago, submitted video on support’s request, followed up, but then nothing.

I have requested this tagging mods for status several times and never get a response. There have been numerous complaints of scrolling problems from other Android users. I even bought a new tablet, installed Roon before most other apps, and had the same problem.

I don’t even know if support is acknowledging the issue on Android or not. IMO, this thread should be generalized to remotes, not just iOS.


Thank you

It seems there are 2 scrolling issues. My initial support request was to do with twitchy scrolling where the scroll position jumped around, almost as if the page was reloading constantly.

There is an additional effect I am now seeing which is unsmooth scrolling, which I can only describe as scrolling with a refresh rate of about 5Hz… quite headache inducing!

unfortunately i can’t as i only have a local file which can’t be loaded directly on community pages.

I get the feeling you know something we don’t :wink:and the scrolling issue isn’t jst on ios with my ipad pro &iphone 13 pro max but on my android Samsung tablet