iOS remote touch screen sensitivity and choppy scrolling [Improvements released]

Did you see my post right above this?

Hi Kevin,

When I posted, the last comment was 8 days ago… rather strange. Would have not complained if I had seen your post.


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I’m glad to hear this, thanks for the update!

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Hey folks, today’s release (Build 903) includes improvements to iOS scrolling! :tada:

We’re not celebrating just yet, though, and expect that future refinements might be needed. Can you all try out Build 903 and let us know how it feels?


Cheers Kevin.

Not available yet in the Apple store.

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You need to take the update to see the changes. :slight_smile: We’ve released the build in the App Store and it should be available in your region soon!


“we’re also planning to ship bug fixes and other enhancements in smaller releases once or twice a month.”

This is a huge change, looking forward to the update.

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Anyone seeing the update in the Apple store?

It’s never taken this long to be available.

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Nope, just updated the core, still waiting for the iOS app.

Updates via the apple appstore can take up to a couple of days depending (I guess) on throughput. They rarely appear the same day, if ever.

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On the contrary.

Still waiting on the new app to show in the App Store. Looking forward to any improvements!

Build 903 just showed up in the App Store (western US). Scrolling on the iPhone 13 Pro Max is significantly better. I’ll follow up after I’ve had a chance to do more testing, but so far it’s looking like a major improvement. Thank you!


Smooth as butter here. Definite improvement on iPad Pro 12.9.


Soooo much better now on my 13 Pro!


Worlds better! I can finally use my iPad, excellent update!


Build 903 just showed up in the App Store at Germany, thanks.

Hmmm. Scrolling is improved on the iPhone 13 Pro Max as mentioned above, but still jerky for me on the 12.9” iPad Pro.

Really solid attempt at fixing the scrolling issue. I’d say it’s about 80-90% fixed, it’s nice and smooth, just not buttery smooth.

I am curious though, since you guys clearly made a major improvement, as to what actually caused the scrolling issue.