iOS remote touch screen sensitivity and choppy scrolling [Improvements released]

Same here, no improvement on scrolling . I even have a ticket opened:Ticket

Amazing? Scrolling (Albums) is performing very nice on the iPad Pro 12,9" at this time (b923).
Seems almost random this?

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Totally agree, a really bizarre situation and obviously a very elusive resolution for the development team.

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I’ve added my contribution to the thread. :+1:t3:

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I noticed this aswell on my iPhone 12 Pro. In previous builds the scrolling was almost entirely fixed. This new build made the scrolling issue significantly worse.

Rebooting my iPad didn’t help.

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On my iOS device, it seems the left/right swipe sensitivity in the app code is way too high, it thinks you want to swipe even if you only move sideways a couple of pixels. Gently scrolling can trigger it.
Plus when the swipe is triggering the app already wants to reset the page scroll location for the previous page, for me it only happens when swiping right (move to previous page on left), so I have worked out that if you order the ‘Album review’ page as the first item, instead of the album art etc. I can scroll without any choppiness. Move whatever page you’d like to read most as the first one :slight_smile:

IOS scrolling is still broken. When scrolling up and down while scrolling tracks on an album changing the scrolling direction up is fine, when scrolling down, the screen jumps up several tracks at a time.
I want to encourage Roon to fix such a major, long-time, and annoying bug. What is the real issue that it is making it so difficult?

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Some screens still jumpy here as well. :frowning:

You could give the Roon Team something to go on?

For me:
iPad Pro 2020 12.9" iPadOS 15.3.1 - Scrolling is now flawless in all main meny views.
iPad 6:th Gen 9.7" 2018 iPad Os 15.3.1 - Scrolling is not quite as smooth as on the Pro but definently as good as can expect.

They know what the issue is, its been present for a long time.

We have detailed the setup plenty of times.

Glad to hear its working great for you though.

What I have observed is that this is a problem for many apps, maybe even all apps, and could be an iOS bug/feature…


Whilst the scrolling was significantly improved on the iPhone some builds ago, the latest ones have undone whatever fix addressed this behaviour.

These builds have also introduced (for me at least) the same jerky scrolling behaviour to my iPad. Albeit, it only seems to be mostly noticeably when inside the Recent Activity screen.

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Yep, mine is back to being as jerky as it was since 1.8 was released.


Bit of assistance here please? :slight_smile:

Worse in this view: Album view very jerky under "Tab" view

Hi everyone,

We very much appreciate your patience here and want to thank each user for letting us know they’re still experiencing some inconsistent scrolling behavior.

Our tech team is currently investigating this further, and we’ll circle back once we have more information to share!


Thanks for reaching out Ben.

There was a build which addressed the scrolling behaviour and it significantly improved the user experience on iOS devices.

Sadly, the other builds which followed managed to undo whatever fix was implemented.

No idea what was done in the build to fix it since no one was transparent on what the issue was…

But can you please do it again :sweat_smile: