iOS remotes regularly lose contact with SOtM SMS 200

Hi there,
This is my first post here, so please be kind. I browsed many threads but I didn’t find this exact issue.

I have Roon Core running on Mac Mini and connected to router, with a SOtM SMS 200 running as an Endpoint via LAN. It has been very stable over all, but on occasions will need a re-boot.

The major issue is that I’m using iPhone 6s & Ipad Pro as remotes. They work OK for short periods, but the ‘initiator’ will often lose the SMS 200, Generally the other remote will still pick up the SMS 200. If I use the ‘2nd’ remote, the other one (initiator) will again see the SMS 200. The issue works whether the iPad or iPhone sets off the play.

Occasionally both remotes lose the SMS 200, but I can still see it via the Core. Using this interface will sometimes allow the SMS 200 the be seen by the iOS devices, but not always.

Any advice on improving the reliability of the remotes would be helpful


Hi Graeme!

I have a different Core, but very rarely experience tha same issue. That is, one of my iPads loose the desired Bridge, for example the sMS-200. If i grab the iPhone or a desktop app if it is available.
I have come to the conclusion that this is not a general fault but rather a glitch in the offending iPad and its wireless connectivity.
I would try to have a good look at how your connectivity performs. Perhaps change WLAN channels to the other end of the spectrum? Change the router?
In my case this happens once every few weeks, so its not a big issue.

Thanks for the reply

Yes, I’ve thought the same that it might be the iOS apps, but I’m wondering whether it is more to do with wireless router that is the gateway for the iOS devices. On the LAN side of things all is OK, but my guess it is the wifi control back the Core that is likely to be the issue.

I’ve seen threads about setting up approved ports on the router, and I could probably configure this if there are clear instructions or a thread somewhere.

Try going into settings on the iPad/iPhone and deleting the wifi connection to your system, then reboot, then in settings, set them up again as a new connection. Many have found that this cures their problems with wifi connections. Hope this helps.

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Thanks David,

I’ve just done that, and I’ll see whether the problem persists over the next couple of days.