iOS requirements


I am very new to this and about to set up a trial

I’ve made mistakes in the past with incompatible devices

I understand that the Roon app needs iOS 11 as a minimum which is fine however my question is what are the minimum requirements for the core with regard to iOS if I were to use a Mac Mini

Thanks in advance

Hello David.
There is a lot of info on Roon’s website. Suggest that you start here;

I, and many more like me, are running a Roon Core on a “vintage” Mac mini with excellent results. I bought a used 2012 model with16 GB of RAM and stripped most everything off the device that was not Roon. It plays great, including my 5.1 files through HDMI. Works as well sonically as a Nucleus, but does not require a hardwired internet. Mine runs from a Eero mesh with a short Cat 5 from the mesh pod to the Mac mini.

You will be fine.


Thank you very much

To clarify… Core will not run on iOS. However, the Mac Mini runs macOS which the Core does run on. You can find those requirements here:

roon also recommends NOT to run a CORE on wifi. do so at your own risk.

A larger library and some DSP functions require more robust hardware

an SSD is a MUST have too